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Welcome to The Truth About Metabolic Diet.

Online I have long gone by the name Accer, but my real name is J.J. Heim. I have been a life-long educator (both high school and college).

About ten years ago, when I was in a financially difficult situation I tried to see if I could make money online. Mostly, I found that I was either outright scammed or sold inferior products that didn’t work. This greatly upset me. Well to be more direct, it pissed me off.  I was shocked by the total lack of ethics.  So I started making review sites to expose scams and bad products and sing the praises of quality ones. I figured that others could learn from my experience and review efforts. I just keep creating such review sites and over time my focus widened to many areas. This site on the metabolic diet is simply part of my review efforts.

So why should you listen to me or trust me?

Well perhaps you might like to know that I have a Ph.D. in ethics from the University of Southern California, so honesty and integrity is central to who I am and what I believe. I am an outstanding researcher.  I explore other review sites, but most important I thoroughly review and evaluate products myself.  Also, I have been doing this for a decade, so I am very experienced at doing a review. Moreover, I have found that I am successful by telling the truth. My review sites make me money. So in many ways my review sites are a win-win situation. You get honest information and critical reviews and I make some money because people return again and again to my review sites.  Ethics pays.

I have a special interest in the topic of this site as weight issues have been a life-long struggle for me. I am excited to have discovered the metabolic diet because it seems to be working for me. I love food and metabolic diets allow you to enjoy food and to use it to your advantage. In fact a metabolic diet has great advantages over other approaches.  So I am exacted to provide you with useful information and honest reviews in the area of metabolic diet.

I hope you enjoy this site on metabolic diet and if you would like to check out another one of my sites and you or someone you know suffers from acne, please visit The Truth About Acne.  It has a unique approach that is superior to the methods that other sites promote.

Finally, if you have any comments, fill free to use the contact form as I would love your feedback.

All The Best,

Accer (J.J. Heim)