Health Promotion in Nursing

Nursing may be the only profession in the United States where you are able to pack your bags up, hop on a plane, and move out to just about any city you like across the nation. The chances are, not only your good-paying job, but even your well-decorated (and free) house or apartment will be waiting for you.

The nursing profession also contributes to the social good in many obvious and non-obvious ways such as helping in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  Nurses can and do promote health and wellness as well as healthy habits for their patients.

Given the incessant demand for nurses, it is among the best career choices you can take today if you are looking for a secure job with good pay.

The only precondition to nursing is training – a good education covering the fundamentals of health care is crucial for certification. But it doesn’t cease there. The terrain of the field is changed frequently by the newest technologies. That is why a nurse’s education never ends.

As an experienced college professor, I firmly believe that the best option is to pursue a degree full-time in a traditional manner.  Such an approach provides a much fuller and complete experience than is possible in alternate routes.  Nevertheless, online education is an appealing alternative for anyone too occupied to take the time off to pursue a college degree full time.

Here are four alternative schools to get your nursing degree online.  They have study programs flexible enough to adapt to your full-time employment commitments.  I am also not much of fan of for-profit schools of higher education.  If you have been paying attention to the news lately you will know that my opinions are well founded.  However, the ones listed below are quality for-profit universities.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix enables you to earn a Bachelors of Science while specializing in Integrative Health Care, Health Care Education, Health Care Management or Health Care Administration.

According to the University, the graduates of the B.S. are able to find employment as “registered nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, and social workers as well as a variety of other specializations.”

Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers an “RN to BSN degree completion program” for the Registered Nurses to get their Bachelor’s degrees. Although most of the courses are available online, the program has a clinical course that is a requirement. Kaplan emphasizes the direction and dimensions of professional nursing and offers career planning for job placement as well.

The curriculum covers “health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, information and healthcare technologies, ethics, human diversity, management theory, and health care system and policies.”

Jacksonville University School of Nursing

Jacksonville University’s primary campus is situated in Jacksonville, Florida.  It also offers a on-line “RN to BSN” program for Registered Nurses. The students are supplied 30 credits for his or her active U.S. RN license. They’re able to transfer “approved credits from other degree and diploma programs,” which helps.

The top part is, you can “complete your labs and practice projects without setting foot on campus.” The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree of Jacksonville University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

South University

South University also offers an “RN to BSN” online program with no campus residency conditions.

The sole prerequisite for the incoming students is that they be a Registered Nurse with either an associate’s degree from a school of nursing accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or hold a diploma from a school of nursing accredited by the NLNAC.

The curriculum covers “progressive healthcare concepts, palliative care, gerontological nursing, and complementary and alternative nursing strategies.”


You should also check out public and private non-profit colleges in your area.  They will usually have superior programs with better value than the for-profit schools above.  In the past the difference was that they did not have programs tailored for working adults.  However, that has changed and many will now have such programs.

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