Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic Cooking

I have struggled with weight issues all of my life. So if you have such issues, I can certainly relate. If you are like me, you may feel like you are out of ideas. You probably feel like you have tried every diet and so called “fat burning secret” with little success. Oh, some things worked for a while and you lost some weight, but soon it was all back. If you have read my about me page, you know that I build websites like this one so that I can provide helpful information including real and honest reviews. I started doing this because I often felt like I was ripped off by products, especially online. Well, I am happy to say that I have found two real fat burning products that I think are really good. One focuses on exercise and the one I am going to review here focuses on cooking and meal ideas – specifically metabolic cooking and its healthy eating plan. It will give you all kinds of meal ideas.

Metabolic Cooking

I fear that eating is one of my favorite hobbies. So food has always been a major issue for me when it comes to diet and weight loss. My experience with diet food is that it is generally awful or if tolerable it quickly gets to be the “same old, same old.” For instance, I have been on Nutrisystem several times. I lose weight when I stay on Nutrisystem. Nutrisytem did improve with its inclusion of frozen foods. But I cannot stay on it for long without cheating. (In addition there is the expense.) So for me, a central issue in weight loss is staying true to the diet and on a healthy eating plan. One of the things that I really love about the Metabolic Cooking program and all its diet recipes and meal ideas is that the food you eat is excellent. Its healthy eating plan is extremely varied, so I do not get tired of it. With its diet recipes and healthy eating plan, you save money by doing your own cooking. Plus the diet recipes are not difficult nor overly time-consuming.

So what is Metabolic Cooking? Metabolic Cooking is a distinctive nutrition and cooking method with great diet recipes which helps men and women develop and stay on a healthy eating plan and modify their way of living for fat burning and enhanced health. Metabolic Cooking was created by Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. Metabolic Cooking provides 9 cookbooks with mouth-watering diet recipes. It helps you remain motivated, so you can succeed in your dieting efforts. It also includes much more than just the cookbooks full of diet recipes. With the Metabolic Cooking program and its diet recipes, cooking will always be fun and interesting. However, Metabolic Cooking is not only different from the other programs, it is also a unique fat burning system. By using Metabolic Cooking, its diet recipes, and healthy eating plan you will be actually burning fat enabling you to finally lose the pounds that you have tried so long to get rid of.


Metabolic Cooking uses the right foods in order to work with your metabolic system.

Metabolic Diet

What is really special about Metabolic Cooking is that it uses the right foods through its diet recipes in order to work with your metabolic system so that it is burning fat. So the program is not just giving you food with less calories, but it is doing much more than that to help you live a healthy lifestyle. One of the reasons that most diets work for a while and then level off is that your metabolic rate adjusts to your new eating level and you stop losing weight. This is called the metabolic adaptation phenomenon. It will not happen with Metabolic Cooking! Its diet recipes and healthy cooking plans mixes things up and so it keeps your metabolic system guessing. That means your metabolic system does not cheat you out of shedding pounds by reducing your metabolic rate. Everything Metabolic Cooking does with its diet recipes is to increase your metabolic rate and keep it high.

Through its diet recipes, Metabolic Cooking points you to foods that help boost your metabolism. Certain foods increase metabolism while others decrease it. So it is important to eat the right foods if you want to be successful with dieting. Moreover, Metabolic Cooking teaches you many other ways to increase metabolism such as the timing of when you eat certain foods, the use of metabolic increasing spices, and the building of fat burning salads. As a person who loves to eat, this is the first time when dieting that it felt like food was on my side.

Review of Metabolic Cooking

While Metabolic Cooking includes cookbooks, it is so much more. It is a system that I have found allows you to lose weight. It is a complete system, not just a bunch of recipes.

Metabolic Cooking is an internet-based product. That means you get access immediately upon purchase. You download all the documents onto your compute in Adobe pdf format. If you do not have the free Abode Reader that you will need you can get it here. You can also download the files in mp4 or m4v format. You can print out the documents if you like. In fact, I have found it helpful to print out all the documents and put them in a large notebook.

One of the things that I do not like about Metabolic Cooking is that you end up with a whole bunch of files and you may not know where to start. The answer to that problem is to start with the “Fat Loss Optimizer Guide.”

Metabolic Cooking is reasonably priced. Moreover, it comes with a 60-day money-back “no questions asked” guarantee. You can count on this as the sales (and refund) process is controlled by an independent company called ClickBank. I have worked with them for years and I have easily received refunds on products that I was unhappy with. So if you want your money back because you are dissatisfied, you will get it. However, I cannot imagine that this will be the case unless you just decide that you are not going to bother with losing weight.

You may or may not know that most internet products come with what are called in the industry “upsells.” This is exactly the same concept as the checkout line at the supermarket where they have candy and magazines tempting you while you wait to make your purchase. One the internet this happens just after have you made a purchase. You will usually be offered an add-on or an upgrade to the product you just purchased. These upsells can be a valuable great additions or not so much. With Metabolic Cooking, you will offered Metabolic Cooking Express Pack. I would suggest you buy this upgrade as it includes 12 weeks of “Express Meal Plans.” It full of meal ideas. Each of these guides lays out each and every meal and snack you should eat for a week. In order words, each is a week’s healthy eating plan or complete meal ideas. So all total, you get an exact healthy eating plan for 3 months. It have found each “Express Meal Plan” or healthy eating plan easy to follow and they provide your taste buds with all the excitement and interest they need. There are also a couple of other helpful things included in this upgrade. I have found that it makes the whole metabolic cooking and diet process easy to follow. I wish that they had simply included all of these meal ideas with the original purchase and perhaps bumped the original price up some, but that’s not what they chose to do. Oh well. It’s still a good deal that is worth the price.

There is also a second upsell that is focused on a video cooking course. I did not purchase it, so I can provide you no evaluative help on its quality or usefulness. They also sell a “Metabolic Intensity Workouts Pack” which is the exercise part of the equation. But I would suggest you pass on this product as I have found a much better exercise product, called Fat Burning Furnace, for which you can find a separate review on this site.

I would suggest that you go here and check out Metabolic Cooking. I am confident that you find it is very useful for meal ideas and an important step on the road to a healthy lifestyle.


PS. Please share your experiences and ideas with Metabolic Cooking below in the comments section. What do you think of their diet recipes? Does their healthy eating plan work for you?

Get a sample of Karine Losier and Dave Ruel’s Metabolic Cooking with the video below. You will get a sample of their recipes with “Cajun Style Sweet Potatoes” and a chance to see their fat burning program. It will also give you a chance to get antiquated with Metabolic Cooking‘s authors Karine Losier and Dave Ruel.

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