Eleven Foods That Boost Metabolism

We all have that friend that can and does eat all the foods they want and still not gain a pound.  Have you ever ever thought how that is possible?

It’s genetic. Some people inherit a metabolism that is more rapid than others and consequently can eat all the foods they want. However, age, sex, exercise, eating habits and a number of other variables also impact the rate of your body’s metabolism and its metabolic burning rate. Though one can’t control one’s age and sex, there are some other ways to boost metabolism and its metabolic fat burning.  The most crucial of them is to have a really healthful and balanced diet.  The foods you eat matter! Such a metabolic diet is one that gives you enough energy but not additional fats. Let’s list some of such foods that boost metabolism. To get a complete metabolism boosting cookbook, check out our recommended metabolic food program, Metabolic Cooking, which lists 250 metabolic fat burning recipes that will boost your metabolism by having you the right foods.  By the way, unlike other diet food I have encountered, the foods you will be cooking and eating with Metabolic Cooking are absolutely delicious.  I will continue to cook these metabolic foods and recipes even when I am not trying to lose weight.  The program is also full of a lot of other information to help you lose weight.  The foods you eat can make a significant difference and the right ones can boost your metabolism and have your burning calories more efficiently.

Foods That Boost Metabolism

Here is a great list of foods that boost metabolism by burning calories and give you a boost in other ways as well.  They will have your body burning fat.


Eggs are one of the tastiest and most healthy foods to boost metabolism. Eggs include a wholesome dose of protein. All protein foods help to boost and kick metabolism into high gear in burning calories. Protein takes more energy to be digested than carbs or fat. With protein consumption, the harder your body works to digest it means it is burning more calories.  So eggs are one of the foods that boost metabolism.  Do no miss the calories burning effect of eggs.


Oatmeal contains lots of vitamins, healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates. In addition, it fights against cholesterol that is unhealthy. A bowl of oatmeal can lower blood cholesterol because it contains a good amount of fiber.  So oatmeal is one of the foods you should be eating.  While it may not have the burning impact of other foods, you still should be eating it.

Apples and Pears

Pears and apples are your best friend as it pertains to upping your metabolism. Both foods are rich in the soluble fiber pectin, which lowers cholesterol as well as other body fats through several mechanisms. Plus, these foods assist you to keep full longer and prevent you from eating more. The helpful purpose of pears and apples was supported when a Brazilian study which found that a group of women who were given three apples or 3 pears daily lost more weight than those who consumed oats each day throughout the study.  Apples and pairs are great foods for you to be eating.  Your want the burning effect of pears and apples.


Certain foods fire-up your metabolism and grapefruit is one. Grapefruits are loaded with high levels of fiber. Fiber is extremely hard for the body to break down – so you must burn extra calories that can result in weight loss. It also reduces insulin amounts that prompt your own body to put away fat.  Make sure that grapefruit is one of the regular foods in your diet.  Grapefruit is a great fat burning food!


One thing is for sure, they’re quite ideal for your body’s metabolism. They have magic fat-burning powers. Tomatoes are full of fiber and low in calories and one of the foods to increase in your diet.


Do not miss eating this food that will boost metabolism, especially in its harvest season if you are fortunate enough to live in a tropical country. It includes plenty of health benefits but we’re concerned with the metabolic boost it will provide.  Avocado is a rich source of L-carnitine which helps to boost metabolism, and promotes fat loss. Most of the fat that avocado contains is great monounsaturated fat which lowers cholesterol level. Avocado intake was reported in a research study to have lowered blood cholesterol levels in which 45 dieters experienced an average decrease of 17% cholesterol after eating avocados for just one week.  Who wouldn’t wish to have a slender, flatter stomach? Avocado is one of the power foods to help decrease of belly fat. It’s accountable for lowering a hormone that is included in the storage of stomach fat. Additionally, it contains potassium which is effective for belly fat reduction and a metabolism boost.  So what are you waiting for? Go eat avocado and get a hot, slender belly!  It is one of the few foods with fat that is healthy for you.


Do not fear to eat turkey twice or once a week. This deliciously yummy meat is an excellent supply of protein. You can add curry to a turkey breast to add taste to your meals. Along with turkey, you may add fishes like salmon and tuna to improve protein consumption and turbo boost your metabolism.  The right meats are great foods for your diet and will help boost weight loss.


Peppers are one of the foods that should be a regular in you diet is you want to boost weight loss.  They not only add flavor and color to food but also prevent you from overeating. They feature an alkaloid substance called capsaicin which causes the powerful, hot flavor but it also acts as an appetite suppressant.  They stimulate a process in your body called thermogenesis by which the body creates energy in the type of heat.  This in turn raises the body’s temperature and that results in a metabolic boost.  Give your diet a boost by eating peppers every day


There is nothing bogus about the nutritional benefits of Pooh’s favorite food. The natural sweetener has been reported to curb appetite. It contributes to a healthy metabolic rate by enabling one to eat less.  This is itself is a boost

Green Tea

Looking for an extremely powerful and easy way to truly have a body that is more slender and youthful? Here we give you a solution that is natural, economical and tasty. Now you can use green tea to drop some pounds that are unwanted. Green tea contains caffeine and a catechin called EGCG, each of which are involved with thermogenesis by which the body burns calories for energy – that is it will boost your metabolism. The percentage of fat your body burns for energy also grows by up to 16% with the intake of green tea.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used for cooking as well as in salads. It has numerous antioxidant compounds which possess anti inflammatory properties. Olive oil is a rich supply of the monounsaturated fatty acid: oleic acid which can help boost your metabolism. Olive oil is quite effective when utilized in a calorie-reduced diet. But bear in mind, olive oil contains plenty of calories and fat, and it shouldn’t be used in amounts that are excessive. It is possible to use other polyunsaturated/monounsatured oils as well as olive oil.

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