Speed Up Your Metabolism

Speed Up Your Metabolism – You Will Lose Weight

by Juan A. Rademacher

Have you ever gone along your merry way thinking you were doing everything you thought you should do, and doing it right?

Then you wake up in a flash of inspiration when you realize what an idiot you have been.


Well, I am embarrassed to admit it, but I have… And I just realized it. I am writing this because I want to share my flash of inspiration for two reasons.

First, I want to set the record straight for the number of misguided articles I have published about the “secrets” to weight loss.

Second, I want to offer you the opportunity to examine and implement the weight loss “secret” I have re-discovered.

How I Lost 75 Pounds.

You see, over 7 years ago, I lost 75 pounds of mostly body fat in less than six months.

I then proceeded to effortlessly maintain my target-weight for 7 years, fluctuating no more than 2 pounds up or down. As you know, your body weight fluctuates within a narrow range due to factors such as which foods you consume, how much fluids you drink, plus a number of normal biological factors.

In truth, I went for weeks and months when the scale showed the same weight value day after day without change.

How I Screwed Up My Weight Loss.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I visited my family in Southern Chile, and had a chance to enjoy again many of the delicious dishes I grew up with.

This was a short visit, only 8 or 9 days, but what happened is that I broke the fairly strict eating regimen I had followed for 7 years.

I did not particularly overeat during this trip, but I ate many items I had avoided for 7 years, such as steaks, roasts, duck, geese, my favorite childhood German cake, and kuchens.

What happened on my return home to San Diego is that I had lost “my dieting compass.”

This dieting compass, my “secret” to losing 75+ pounds in less than 6 months, without ever being hungry I might add, was to eat a protein whenever I ate a carbohydrate.

Eat Lean Protein.

My secret was as simple as that. Eat a lean protein with your main meals, 3 time a day, plus 2 to 3 snacks consisting of raw vegetables, and mostly low sugar raw fruit.

Easy Weight Loss Eating Plan.

This is a delightfully easy, delicious eating plan. You eat only foods you really like, but according to the guidelines just mentioned, eat lean proteins whenever you eat a carbohydrate.

Now getting back to the screw up I made during the last year and a half. This screw up caused my weight to go back up by over 15 pounds, and would not easily budge no matter how hard I’ve tried.

I have pretty much followed a raw food diet for the last year and a half. This consists of a huge leafy green salad for dinner, with half an avocado for taste and nutrition, and mostly fruits for my other meals.

The big flash of inspiration I just had is that my diet has been low in protein. No matter how healthy, organic and nutritious my meals were, they were low in proteins.

Guess what?

Proteins speed up your metabolism!

That was the whole “secret” behind my eating plan when I lost all that weight 7 years ago, and how I maintained my weight within an incredibly narrow range for the following 7 years.

Once I stopped eating lots of lean protein, and even though I was eating healthy foods, my metabolism slowed down, a lot, to the point that I could not hardly lose weight no matter how hard I tried.

Dieting Secret.

For me, there is only one dieting secret. Speed up your metabolism!

You can greatly speed up your metabolism by choosing the right foods, with proteins at the head of the list.

If you also engage in moderate, regular exercise with emphasis on building muscle mass, you will speed up your metabolism even more. You WILL lose body fat and get physically fit in the process.

My name is Juan Rademacher. I spent most of my adult life experimenting with one diet after another without success. This all changed 7 years ago when I discovered “the secret” to weight loss described in this article. I used this secret to lose over 75 pounds of body fat in less than 6 months.

Read more in my website: Http://howtolosebellyfat-quick.com

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