Weight Loss Meal Plans

Obesity is a slow killer that is giving sleepless nights to millions of people around the world.  If left unchecked, obesity can lead to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression, and sleep apnea. The only way out of this mess is to find some ways to shed those extra pounds through weight loss.  An estimated 80 million Americans will go on a diet this year.  Some will succeed in losing their unwanted pounds but very few, perhaps 5 percent, will maintain their desired weight long term.  So here at The Truth About Metabolic Diet we want to give you the very best information so that your weight loss efforts can be a success.

Consequently, you need to identify good weight loss plans.  Reaching a healthy weight is possible with a practical weight loss eating plan together with some form of exercise.  If you have ever surfed the net looking for a weight loss program that’s right for you then you have no doubt been overwhelmed by the huge range of weight loss systems.  Which one do you choose?  How do know if its going to work?  Are metabolic systems better than other approaches?  Much to consider when all you want to do is lose weight.

One of the most daunting things about starting a weight loss effort is planning out what you’re going to eat at meal time.  This is where weight loss meal plans are such an advantage to your weight loss efforts as they lay out exactly what you should be eating each day.  The best weight loss programs not only help with weight loss, but also help in maintaining a proper weight over time.  In both cases (short and long term) we believe that the most effective plans will work with your metabolic system.

For some people, appetite control is extremely difficult.  Some weight loss systems try to tackle that problem by delving into the psychological issues behind food.  These systems focus on total lifestyle makeovers and whose techniques include keeping a food journal and coming to terms with one’s body image.  Others address the problem through the bodies metabolic system, introducing or removing certain foods in one’s diet that either trigger or suppress appetite.  A metabolic diet focuses on foods that serve you well in terms of working with your metabolic system including foods that help with appetite.

For other weight loss systems, it’s not appetite that’s problematic, it’s the kind of food we eat.  This is at the heart of a metabolic diet  Certain weight loss meal programs give very strict eating regimens that promote weight loss, because of the way the body digests the food.  Some are short-term, meant to shed pounds over a limited period of time; others are long-term lifestyle changes.  The success of these programs depend largely on the person’s weight loss goals and level of commitment.  Needless to say, if you just want to drop a dress size for your wedding, you may not be ready to go into something long-term.  If you have health problems, and need to control cholesterol levels, then a short-term solution would not be very effective.  A metabolic diet will have you eating the right types of foods both for weight loss and for a long-term healthy lifestyle.

To lose weight and keep it off, you should be aware of the different types of weight loss meal plans that are available. You should also look at what makes up a good weight loss program.  Knowing this information can help you select, from among the many weight loss meal plans, the one that will really work for you.

Two Types of Weight Loss Meal Plans

Meal PlansThere are basically two type of weight loss meal plans to help you with meal planning during your weight loss efforts.

Food-Based Weight Loss Meal Plans

The first type of weight loss meals plans are food-based weight loss programs.  These weight loss programs provide you with some or all of the food that you are to consume while you are working on weight loss.  The most famous of this type of weight loss meal plans is Nutrisystem.

Information-Based Weight Loss Meal Plans

The second type of weight loss meal plans are information based.  Of course the food-based weight loss programs also provide information to help one’s effort in weight loss, but in this category the information is much more comprehensive and the center of the program.  Related to this category would be calorie-counting or point-counting systems such as Weight Watchers.  However, more typical of this category are programs that lay out exactly what you should eat each day often including the recipes so that you will be cooking and eating the foods that will lead to weight loss.  Our recommended food program Metabolic Cooking is the best weight loss program in this category and is part of a complete metabolic diet.

Factors In The Best Weight Loss Meal Plans

Here are some important factors to consider when selecting from among the various weight loss meal plans.  These factors should help you distinguish between those weight loss meal plans that will work for you and those that will only waste your time and money.

1.  Easy To Use

Weight loss programs should be easy to use.  While these programs should provide comprehensive information, the information should be easy to understand and the program easy to put into practice.  They should be precise about what you should be eating at meal times.

Metabolic Cooking is very easy to use yet provides comprehensive information which it is what we recommend.

2.  Flexible

Weight loss meal plans should be flexible.  As your needs and preferences change, so your diet should be able to change.  Even on a week-to-week basis there should be flexibility as our schedules change.

Metabolic Cooling provides a complete eating schedule but also provides the flexibility to allow you to create your own schedule.

3.  Useful Weight Loss Tips

The best weight loss plans give tips on healthy behavior while taking into consideration your cultural and personal needs.  The best weight loss meals plans will have comprehensive information to help you reach your weight loss goal.

Metabolic Cooking is full of information to insure that you lose weight.

4.  Healthy

Good weight loss programs should put you on the path to a healthy lifestyle.   The best weight loss meal plans will not be solely focused on weight loss but should create a well-balanced diet for you.   One warning sign are  rapid weight loss claims.  You want to stay away from rapid weigh loss regimes.  Losing weight too rapidly can be dangerous to your health and does lead to permanent weight loss.

Since Metabolic Cooking is focused on your metabolic system you can be assured that it is healthy.

5.  Match Your Meal Needs

The mistake that many people make is that they don’t consider their own lifestyle or personality when they try a diet or exercise regimen.  Instead, they go with what everyone else is doing, or jump on the weight loss bandwagon on the premise that it worked for so-and-so.  While it’s okay to experiment with different regimens (wouldn’t hurt to try anything once), ultimately it is a search to find what is personally appealing.

Finding the ‘perfect’ weight loss program is not possible as it does not exist.  Moderation works well for most people and so the goal should be to find a program that is best for you.  Nevertheless, we have found that Metabolic Cooking is the right plan for the vast majority of people.


weight lossYour body weight is really controlled by the number of calories you eat and the number of calories you use each day through things like exercise and physical activity. Following a weight loss program that helps you to become more physically active and also decrease the amount of calories that you eat at meal times is the best way to achieve successful weight loss.

By far the best among a variety of weight loss meal plans is Metabolic Cooking.  The food you will be cooking is fantastic tasting.  While the food-delivery systems are convenient, doing your own cooking is much more economical and you will not get tired of your food they way you do with meal-delivery programs.  In addition, the cooking is easy to do and you can create many of the meals on the weekend and simply reheat them during the week.  You can read our complete and honest review of Metabolic Cooking here.



This is a sample of a Full Meal Plan to help you Lose Weight and achieve your goals. They are made of simple ingredients, quick and very easily put together. The foundation of this meal plan has:
• 3 ounces of lean protein
• 1 complex carb
• Unlimited vegetables
• 1 healthy fat

Each meal should be about 350 calories (or fewer)

Example of Protein you can use: Chicken, Turkey, Fish (any kind), tuna, tofu, eggs, beef or pork tenderloin.

Example of Complex Carbs: Brown Rice, Whole Grain Pasta, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, Wholemeal Bread, Wraps, Pita Bread.

Example of Healthy Fat: Nuts, Olive Oil, Seeds, Avocado, Omega-3 (from fish)

In order for this plan to be Effective, you are recommended to:
1) Prepare Your Food in Bulk lasting 2 — 3 days to make it stress free.

2) These meals are interchangeable. So you can have your snack for breakfast, breakfast for lunch etc.

3) Only use and Prepare high quality food like chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables or fish. So no white bread, white rice, processed food and ready meals at all.

4) Adjust the portion size and calories according to the product you use. Mine might be slightly difference from yours. So read the food label carefully.

5) You must drink 3-4L of water every day.

6) You must eat every 3 — 4 hours throughout the day in small portion.

7) Make it a habit to plan and pack your meals the night before and store them in the fridge for the next day; this will make your mornings easier, which will help to keep you on track.

8) Print your meal plan and stick in on your fridge as a daily reminder to stay on track.

9) Keep a food dairy of what you eat and how you feel, which contributes towards your weight lost progress.

10) Exercise 5–6 times a week between 45 — 60 mins for maximum result.

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