What Is A Metabolic Diet?

metabolic diet

A metabolic diet uses the metabolism of your body in order to lose weight more effectively.  Metabolism is the physical and chemical processes in which the body takes food and burns it to produce the energy it needs.  In other words, it is the number of calories the body burns in order to operate all its functions.  The faster your metabolic rate the more calories you burn and consequently the easier the weight loss.  A metabolic diet is any approach that seeks to use the body’s natural metabolic processes to improve the success of weight loss.  In essence a metabolic diet seeks to work with our natural physical processes to improve the success of weight loss.  In the process you will create a much more healthy lifestyle.

Metabolic Diet

What we eat is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss and healthy living.  Yes, proper metabolic eating should be combined with exercise and fitness training in a healthy lifestyle, but by far the biggest factor is what and how much we eat.  Some experts claim that diet will cause 80% of the impact while exercise and training will account for less than 20% in weight loss efforts.  Now do not read that to mean you do not need to do exercise training with a metabolic diet, because the right training and exercise increases metabolism making everything work better.  However, you could do training all day in the gym (which you should not be doing) and never burn all the calories of a bad diet.  So your diet, what you eat, must be your most important thing to address with a metabolic diet.  A fundamental key to controlling what you eat is to do your own cooking.  Eating out will never work well with a metabolic diet, even when you think you are eating reasonably well.  So at the core of a metabolic diet must be metabolic cooking.  Cooking at home will also be an important step in developing a healthy lifestyle.

While most of us may not understand the processes, a metabolic diet uses the natural metabolic processes of the body resulting in better weight loss than other weight loss plans.  For instance, most people who go on diets find that they are initially successful.  However, a few weeks down the road and still being faithful, the diet stalls with little to no weight loss taking place.  This is a natural metabolic process as our bodies adapt to our food intake.  The body slows down our metabolic rate to match our new calorie intake routine.  But metabolic diets and cooking are prepared for this and build in nutrient variety which shocks the system and makes it clear that it cannot count on a specific intake.  Consequently a metabolic diet prevents the body from slowing down the metabolism and so weight loss continues.  Metabolic cooking is the method by which a metabolic diet can control the intake of food in a manner that is proper.  Also, the right exercise training will counter the decrease in metabolism.  Metabolic cooking and metabolic training work together in forming a healthy lifestyle.

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A dieter’s lifestyle also needs variety in the food consumed.  If we are on a diet in which we only get to eat the same foods over and over, then we will get bored with those foods and tastes.  Consequently, we will be more likely to cheat and cheat regularly.  The result is that the diet fails and we stop losing weight and gain back any weight we have already lost.  The variety of food in a good metabolic diet counters this and is another reason why metabolic diets are superior to other diets.  Again, metabolic cooking is how one does this.

In addition some foods work well with body metabolism and others do not.  Unfortunately, many diets have you eating the wrong foods and consequently these diets are not as effective.  Those suggested foods might be low in calories, but that is not sufficient because the metabolic rate will adapt to the lower calories.  This is another advantage of metabolic diets and metabolic cooking—they will have you eating the right foods and therefore help you more effectively lose weight.

A New Lifestyle

Very few people have long-term weight loss success without having complete diet plans to follow in creating a healthy lifestyle.  The best healthy lifestyle programs that I have found are Metabolic Cooking which will take care of the food and cooking part of the equation and Fat Burning Furnace which takes care of the exercise part with a metabolic training approach.

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