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The key to the exercise and fitness part of weight loss is metabolic resistance training. While we must control food if we are to lose pounds, we also must work on our fitness. Trying to find the time and motivation for fitness training can be a real problem. At least I have always found it to be. But even when you are motivated to do fitness training, what should you do? Walk? Jog? Go to the gym every day? For most of us, time is a real problem when it comes to fitness. We may go to the gym for a week or two and then it starts to taper off. Even then, the questions arise as to what exactly should be our fitness training routine? What is the most time efficient? Are some exercises actually counter-productive? As counter intuitive as that sounds, the answer is yes. And I have discovered that most of the fitness programs out there are promoting the wrong approaches to losing weight. The answer is metabolic resistance training and the good news is that this fitness approach is not that difficult or time consuming to do! Do not let the words metabolic resistance training scare you because they sound technical. You do not need to understand anything technical. Just know that metabolic resistance training is working with your body’s natural systems and that makes it more effective. The rest of this review will provide more explanation about this fitness program.

Fat Burning Furnace Review

Fat Burning Furnace is metabolic resistance training and it takes a holistic, physical, and thoughtful approach to helping you lose extra pounds. Fat Burning Furnace is a well-designed, simple, and easy to use metabolic resistance training system with a plethora of science and careful research put into it. Another good aspect about the program is that the workout techniques are carefully designed to gradually work on each body part in order to achieve long lasting effects.

Let me be clear in this review. There is so much that I like about Fat Burning Furnace and I am convinced that it is the best weight loss training program out there in part because it is metabolic training. The metabolic training program is clear and easy to follow. It only requires three, half-hour sessions per week. It is appropriate for males and females, young and old. You can even do all of the exercises (with minor adjustments) in your home and so do not even have to go to the gym and workout if you do not want to.

The general approach of Fat Burning Furnace‘s metabolic training is to build muscle. The reason for this is that muscle burns more calories. So this is another method to increase your metabolism. The exercises are basically metabolic resistance training. In fact, the authors of the program argue convincingly that aerobic workout exercises are counter-productive because they do not work with your body in the way that metabolic training does. Nevertheless, the exercises and the half-hour sessions taught by the program are still cardiac beneficial.

My review of Fat Burning Furnace and its metabolic training has found that it sets out what you need to do in very clear language with lots of pictures. My review of the program has found the metabolic training exercises to be ones that I or anyone can do. There are variations for various situations. In fact, there are variations that use primarily your own body weight as resistance in the metabolic training and therefore require no trip to the gym and only very small pieces of equipment for your home. You see, I have always had trouble making myself go to a gym. In fact, my condo complex has a fitness room which is just across the street and I cannot get myself to go there. Why? Because I always feel that I look ridiculous — this fat, flabby looking thing trying to exercise. So with Fat Burning Furnace, I can do everything at home where no one can see me. This is exactly what I needed. It took away ALL of my exercise excuses. Moreover, its metabolic training method is much more effective in terms of promoting weight loss and more time efficient than anything else I have ever encountered.

Fat Burning Furnace is an internet-based product. So you can have access to it immediately upon purchase. Consequently, you can get started right away. You simply download the product to your computer in PDF format. Most likely your computer already has Adobe Reader which you will need to read the product. If not you can get it here for free. You can then read the product on your computer or you can do like I do which is to print it out and put it in a notebook. Perhaps you have never purchased an internet-based information product, but in my review I find that they offer many advantages over a physical product such as book.

For instance in my review of Fat Burning Furnace I discovered that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The purchase and refund process is controlled by an independent company called ClickBank. If you are dissatisfied with the program, they will refund your money. I have worked with them for years and have easily received refunds for products that I was unhappy with. Try taking a book back to a bookstore after having used it for 55 days! This is why I like to review internet products as this is quite an advantage. Nevertheless, if you are serious about finding and using a weight loss training program that works, I cannot image that you will not be happy with this program. However, with the guarantee, you have nothing to lose – except some unwanted weight.

If you have never bought an internet product before, once you do you will find out that when you have completed a purchase they will immediately try to sell you more products. In the industry these are call “upsells.” It’s the same theory as the candy and magazines in the check-out line at the grocery store. Why not temp you with more things? For internet products these are usually some sort of upgrade to the product you just purchased. Sometimes these are wonderful and other times pretty bad or unnecessary. In order to review Fat Burning Furnace, I believe that I purchased all the upsells. My recommendation would be to pass on them. There is nothing wrong with them, the quality is good. But I do not think you need them. Plus one of them is recipes, but it is not nearly as good as Metabolic Cooking which is a complete weight loss food system. So I would suggest you go there to address the food issues with weight loss as it is much better on that front than Fat Burning Furnace. However, when it comes to fitness and exercise, Fat Burning Furnace is tops. So I would encourage you to check it out. But if you decide to purchase, I recommend that you pass on the upsells. But of course, it is up to you.

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Review Summary

Fat Burning Furnace Positives:

  • There are lots of positive and helpful information in this metabolic program especially with the metabolic resistance training exercise routines that will make your body leaner and robust.
  • The metabolic resistance training sessions are subdivided into categories that are appropriate for beginners, those who are in their initial stages and those in advanced stages of the program. It is designed for everyone to use.
  • The metabolic resistance process is laid out in a clear easy to follow manner.

Fat Burning Furnace Negatives:

  • Even though they are metabolic resistance-based, you still must exercise and it will take some time to see results.


My review made me really impressed with Fat Burning Furnace. I find it to be the best exercise and metabolic training segment of the metabolic diet and a perfect complement to Metabolic Cooking. Between the two, you will have the key to solving the food and exercise issues that prevent you from losing weight. Moreover, both products are metabolic and will super charge your metabolism, making your weight loss efforts more successful. I hope you will check it out by clicking here.

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I hope you found this review helpful. If you have experience with Fat Burning Furnace, please use the comment section below to provide your own review. How does it compare with other fitness programs? Also comment on your experience with metabolic diet in general.


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