Metabolic Resistance Training

By far the best exercise and fitness method is metabolic resistance training.  So why is metabolic resistance training so effective for fitness?  Well, that is exactly what this post will answer.  Anything that is truly metabolic resistance exercise works with your body and its energy burning systems.  Moreover, our form of metabolic resistance training can be done at home with very little equipment.

Use Metabolic Resistance Training

If you want extraordinary results from your exercise routines, its high-time for non-conventional exercising.  Metabolic resistance training is an excellent way to achieve these extraordinary fitness results.  It is an exercise and fitness method which combines in an advantageous way the benefits of anaerobic resistance training with those of a nice aerobic workout and you can do it at home.

If metabolic resistance training is executed in the right manner, then an extra aerobic workout is just optional since the cardiovascular benefits of metabolic resistance training are indisputable and distinct.  Moreover, you can do metabolic resistance training at home and with very little equipment.

Advantages of a Program of Metabolic Resistance Training

Metabolic Resistance TrainingThere are many great advantages to doing metabolic resistance training.  For example:

  • Metabolic resistance exercise burns a lot of calories during the fitness workout.
  • Metabolic exercise creates a strong after-burn effect and will continue to burn more calories for many hours after the fitness workout.  This is because it builds muscle and muscle tissue burns more calories than fat.  So the results of metabolic resistance training is that is causes you to continue to burn more calories – even when you are at home sleeping.
  • It is very time efficient.  In fact you really only need 3 half-hour fitness sessions a week and they can be done at home.
  • Metabolic resistance training can be performed anywhere including at home with very little equipment.
  • Metabolic resistance training needs only minimal equipment.
  • Metabolic exercise kills two birds with one stone.  You build muscle and get the cardiovascular fitness benefits of aerobics

Requirements of Metabolic Resistance Training

There are two main requirements for a program of metabolic resistance training to be effective.

First you need to achieve a high quantity of work per time unit. In other words, you need a high training density.  While not long, metabolic resistance training is intense and focused.

Second, the breaks between sets should be minimal.  You should just assume the right position for the next exercise and go.

Metabolic Resistance Training Techniques

metabolic trainingYou need to use the right program and techniques for metabolic resistance training to do its fitness work.

1. Compound Exercises

Choose a program of 6-8 compound exercises to get a total body workout.  This will allow metabolic resistance training to be effective.  Good choices might include:

  • Various versions of deadlifts (romanian, stiff legged, normal).
  • Variations of squats.
  • Chest presses.
  • Two-handed rows.
  • Military/shoulder presses etc.

2.  Select A Standard Weight

You need to choose a standard weight for all exercises because the changes should run quickly and smoothly. There is no time to change equipment such as weights.

The chosen weight should permit 8 repetitions with good form for all the exercises.

Some people are fond of kettlebells, but dumbbells are OK equipment-wise as well.

3.  Alternate Antagonistic Muscle Groups

You want to train alternatively antagonist muscle groups so as the duration of one set serves as a break for the next and this given that the real breaks should be minimal.

4.  Aerobic Value

If you do a program of metabolic resistance training the right way your heartbeats will periodically reach 80% of your maximum heart rate, which will give you a nice aerobic workout.


You can do interesting metabolic resistance training workouts using only your body weight or minimal equipment.  In fact, our recommended metabolic resistance training program, Fat Burning Furnace, has such an option.  Your best bet is to acquire the Fat Burning Furnace program as it will give you everything you need to know in order to undertake metabolic resistance training.  It only takes 3 half-hour sessions a week and it can be done by just about anyone no matter one’s age and done anywhere including at home.  Go here to read our honest review of the Fat Burning Furnace program.

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Metabolic Resistance Training

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