3,500 Calories In A Pound Of Fat

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There are many weight loss tips on this site and elsewhere; however, in addition to tips you need to understand what it takes to lose weight.  Your ideal body weight is an estimate of what your healthy weight should be.  So if you weigh more than that, you are likely wanting to lose weight and looking for a weight loss diet.  Nevertheless, beware of crash diets or programs.  Rapid weight loss requires you to eat very little in order to lose weight fast.  But those rapid weight loss tips do not tell you that eating little might help you lose weight now, but will likely result in future weight gain.  Many rapid diet programs are appropriate only for short-term use but not for long-term weight loss.  Instead you need the right weight loss tools and tips which can be invaluable as you try to lose weight. Fortunately, not all weight-loss products, programs, and diets are harmful or unhealthy.

Your first diet step should be to discuss your weight loss goals and methods with your physician.  Your doctor can guide you on how rapid your weight loss should be.  Also be sure to set clear goals for your diet.  A specific goal has a much better chance of being achieved than a general goal.  Here is a tip often missing from those lists of tips: Set specific and clear diet goals.

Weight Loss Diet Tips

To lose 1 lb. of weight per week, you will need to burn 500 calories more per day than you eat.  In other words, there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat.

So you want to know how to lose weight?  There are of course many weight loss programs and thousands of tips on how to do it.  But, reducing the number of calories you consume is the most basic diet step.  Most people simply focus on calories when trying to diet and lose weight.  Consequently, it is the most popular approach to a weight loss diet.  Moreover, it is the central focus for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Most people need at least 1,200 calories a day in their diet, so anything less can cause the body to store fat to make up for the deficit.  However, here is another important piece of advice missing from most lists of tips: While it sounds counter-intuitive, too few calories in a diet will actually cause weight gain.

Nevertheless, to lose 1 lb. of weight per week, you will need to burn 500 calories more per day than you eat.  In other words, there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat.

Once you have decided the caloric intake for the day, then dinner should be no more than 20 or 25 % of the total calories for the day.  Many of us in our diet mistakenly consumer too great a portion of our food late in the day.  That is counter productive.  In terms of food, we have found the best program by far to be Metabolic Cooking.  It is not your ordinary diet food.  Quite frankly, you can add this to your list of tips: it is the food lover’s diet.

You need to consider how many calories you work off every day with exercise and other daily activities, and then calculate your calorie target using that number.  Exercise is an effective way to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight.  There is new research on exercise to achieve permanent weight loss.  We have found that the best weight loss exercise program is Fat Burning Furnace.


Despite all the weight loss tips around, many people find weight loss difficult to achieve. When the weight loss fails, the solution is to try harder or buy into a more radical weight loss treatment.  However, with the right weight loss program you can be successful.  Forget the rapid tips lists and try our recommended programs.


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