Weight Loss Programs

weight loss programs

Here are the answers to a number of the commonly encountered questions on the topic of weight loss programs.  These are essentially weight loss tips for use in any weight loss diet you may use.

1.  Isn’t all I have to do is reduce calorie intake?

To some extent, of course, that statement is correct as it stands.  We have all seen the pictures of individuals who have went through a severe decrease in their calorie consumption.  They reveal that an extreme reduction in calories will in fact lead to weight loss.

Yet, it is dangerous to think about dieting in terms of simply cutting out calories. Starving yourself may have detrimental effects on your health that much outweigh the favorable ramifications of losing weight in the process.

In modern dieting tactics, calorie counting is just one technique of several that may be utilized in developing a weight loss program that’s suitable for the biology of the individual concerned.

2.  Why can’t I simply cut out all harmful fats?

You can and it’s normally accepted that we should be doing considerably more to reduce many of the fats in today’s western diet that are considered to be potentially dangerous.

Remember though that some types of fat are not only advantageous but they’re in fact essential for healthy well-being. You may cause yourself ill health by simply removing all fat out of your daily diet.

Yet again, the control of fat consumption needs to form part of an overall strategy for your own weight loss that is put together using a specialist instead of just based on eliminating one whole foodstuff or food type.  The best way to take control of your diet in a healthy way that still has you eating wonderful tasting food is to following the Metabolic Cooking program.  Go here to read our complete and honest review of the program.

3.  Can I lose weight if I do not have the time to work out?

Well, yes and no.  In reality, there are weight-loss success stories of diets demanding relatively little, if any, direct exercise.  It is true that when trying to lose weight food is more important than exercise.  No matter how much exercise you do you cannot work off all the calories from a terrible diet.

However, its simply not true that you do not have time to exercise.  Our recommended exercise program is Fat Burning Furnace and it only requires 3 half-hour sessions a week and it even includes an option to do the exercise in your home without any expensive equipment.  Go here to read our honest review.

Moreover, the healthy advantages of exercise are tremendous.  It’s extremely advantageous to the cardio vascular system and is connected with a decrease in the danger of many diseases. So, whatever the difficulties involved, attempt to find time for at least some modest exercise.  However, if you suffer from other medical conditions or are greatly overweight, you need to consult a doctor beforehand for their advice on how much and what sort of exercise you need to engage in.

Finally, exercise greatly increases the success rate of weight loss diets.  You burn off calories, but exercise has the double effect of increasing your metabolism which will cause you to burn even more calories and likely eat less as well.

Why do some diets need blood tests?

There really are a number of reasons why this could be advisable. Primarily, although most causes of weight troubles appear from consuming too much of the wrong sort of food, some truly come about for medical reasons that are unconnected with diet. They should be identified and treated.

One that is just now becoming fully understood by nutrition scientists, a second reason, is that you can find indexes in the blood that may be used to identify what sort of foodstuffs are likely to be more successful for a diet than others.


It is a mistake to think that you can permanently lose weight by simply eating a bit better and exercising some.  Your odds of success with such an approach are probably about the same as winning the lottery.  Also remember that rapid weight loss is not a good approach as it can be dangerous to your health and almost never results in long-term weight loss.

You need a professionally designed diet program.  An excellent way to do this is to get get personal professional help from a nutritionist, dietitian and trainer.  That will likely cost you thousands of dollars.  Or you could simple use our two recommended programs for a fraction of the cost.  Go here to read about our recommend food program and go here to read about our recommend training program.

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Weight Loss Programs

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